Muse – Barclays Center

Muse - Barclays Center, Brooklyn (1/27/2016)

Last year I was lucky enough to not only grab a ticket to Muse’s show at Webster Hall, but also to get a coveted spot in the front row. Since the Webster Hall show, Muse has embarked on another tour to promote their new album, Drones. And while their recent show at Barclays was much, much larger, their new 360° stage setup helped a lot in bringing the band closer to its fans.

Camera in hand, I made my way to the barricade again and snapped up some shots of the band. Check out some of my favorites below! And while you’re at it, maybe throw this on in the background.


Muse – Webster Hall

Matt Bellamy - Muse - Webster Hall
Muse isn’t just good live. These guys are fucking nuts.

I’d been a fan since 2003, when they released Absolution, but I only got the chance to see them play in 2007, at The Bamboozle. They were the last act of the festival and my friend David was determined to be front row, so we spent the whole day waiting through the sets of several bands neither one of us liked and slowly making our way up front. By the time Muse took the stage, we’d reached the barricade. Muse’s set was the best I’d ever seen, and being up front only made it better.

I hadn’t seen them play since then because they’d mainly been doing arena shows, which I avoid. So when Muse announced they’d be playing a show at Webster Hall, I made sure to grab a ticket. I’ve gone to a number of shows recently, but this Saturday’s Webster Hall gig tops the list. The new songs are great live, and the crowd was tons of fun. Plus, I somehow got a spot at the barricade again. Score. Good music, great view, perfect night.