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Check This Out: Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats

Can you guess when “Let the Good Times Roll” was released? How about “Coming Home” or “Only You”? The 1950s, do you think? Or the ’60s?

The correct answer is: 2015. That old school sound’s making a comeback, and hopefully it’s here to stay. So far, the new JD McPherson, Leon Bridges, and Anderson East records have been spinning on repeat, but now there’s another album to add to the rotation: Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats.

Rateliff’s released a few solo albums and EPs before, mostly in the singer-songwriter/folk-rock vein. But with the addition of his new backing band the Night Sweats, he’s got a whole different sound. More soul. More rock. More energy. More everything. Take a listen:

Artist: Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats
Song: “S.O.B.”
RIYL: Songs that make you want to dance, stomp, and howl so loud your neighbors will want to kill you, but you’re just like “Whatever, homie, I’ma do me”

Like what you hear? How could you not?! Check out the whole album. Do it. Don’t make me hunt you down. I’ll find you.

::menacing stare::


…And the Collection Grows

Last week I wrote that JD McPherson’s Let the Good Times Roll wouldn’t be leaving my turntable anytime soon. And that was true, I kept it spinning on repeat… until yesterday. But not because I got tired of it. No way. I switched it out ’cause I got these goodies in the mail:

JD McPherson Bossy Rome I Wish You Would Steal Away 7 inch vinyl

Yup, I switched out JD McPherson for… more JD McPherson. The one on the left is the Bossy / Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day 7″ and the one on the right is the I Wish You Would / Steal Away 7″. “Bossy” is the only original JD song (featured on the LTGTR LP), the other three are covers. If you don’t have a turntable, no worries: the three covers are available for download on The Warm Covers EP, a digital only release.

And because I’m a completionist, I had to get this, too:

JD McPherson Signs and Signifiers vinyl

Signs and Signifiers LP

Good stuff. Check out some of my favorite tracks from each release below.

“Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day” (originally by Nick Lowe)

“I Wish You Would” (originally by Billy Boy Arnold)

“Scratching Circles” (from Signs and Signifiers)

Like what you hear? Get out your credit cards, yo.

Weekend Jams: JD McPherson

Some songs just sound meant for vinyl. That’s definitely the case for JD McPherson’s latest album, Let the Good Times Roll. I’ve been listening to this nonstop since I got it a few weeks ago, and after seeing him twice this past week, I don’t think it’ll be leaving my record player any time soon. Plus, it just sounds fantastic on my sound system:

I love live music, and I’m lucky enough to live in a city where some bands stop to play multiple shows each tour. When I saw JD and his band play at the Bowery Ballroom last Wednesday, I was completely blown away. Not only are they all excellent musicians, they’ve got tons of energy and a killer stage presence. I left that night wanting more, and so when I got home, I bought a ticket to their other show scheduled a few days later at the Music Hall of Williamsburg.

At the Bowery show, I hung out towards the side wall. At just barely 5’1″ it wasn’t exactly the best vantage point, but if I tip-toed I got this view:

JD McPherson at the Bowery Ballroom

All that tip-toeing left me with super sore calves that night, so when I got to the Williamsburg show I planted myself right at the front of the stage. Much better. They put on another terrific show, plus since I was right in front of the stage entrance, I scored a high five from JD when he came out. Awww yeah.

Nabbed a few more photos and recorded a couple snippets of some of my favorite songs. Check ’em out below. (Apologies in advance for shooting those vids in landscape view. I’m a video n00b, I own it.)

Video clip: JD McPherson – Fire Bug

Video clip: JD McPherson – Scandalous


JD McPherson at the Music Hall of Williamsburg

JD McPherson at the Music Hall of Williamsburg

JD McPherson at the Music Hall of Williamsburg

JD McPherson at the Music Hall of Williamsburg

Like what you heard?

Do yourself a favor and go see these guys live! And while you’re at it, go buy all of JD’s albums. You won’t be disappointed.