I’m Flippin’ Amasian. I like lots of things and write about them here.


A: If (x-4)(x+3)=0, then A = x(x-2)2 – √x +  x5x3  –  [2(x+3)(x-2)+x] [2√x]   + x + 2
L: Brooklyn, New York, USA, The World, The Universe

What’s your blog about?
Whatever I feel like writing about.

Aren’t blogs supposed to have themes?
Yes. My theme is: Things Flippin’ Amasian Likes And Thinks About.

What’s the deal with your name?
One time I wrote this essay about how if I was a superhero, I’d call myself Amasian. But as it turns out, it’s already been done! So now I’m Flippin’ Amasian.

How often do you plan on updating your blog?

How can I reach you?
Email’s on the Contact page.

Are you really making me click an extra link just to see your email?
Fine, here: flippinamasian [at] gmail [dot] com.

How are you so amazing?
I’m not amazing. I’m Amasian. Flippin’ Amasian.


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